Photography Simeon Bacolod 

Published 20 November, 2017




Meet Aligo; the rising star making waves in Oslo's hip-hop scene with his mellow beats, smart flow and down-to-earth lyricism. Aligo hasn't sit still since he left his hometown of Ottawa for Norway's capital city Oslo. The promising rapper dropped his first single a year ago and has since then continued developing himself as a lyricist and artist. With his first EP album dropping early 2018, Aligo has big potential headed into the new year.

Who are you? Tell me about yourself. 
Aligo is my real name, 20 years of age, about to get a business degree. I'm not from Toronto, but a cooler city right next to it called Ottawa. I used to play ball but I always had some type of involvement in music, from being the drummer in a band to buying an electric guitar when I was 10.

What is your cultural background?
I was born and raised in Canada, but I'm African and like to identify with that too. I've lived in many different places around Canada and that's why I don't have a specific sound from any part of North America. It's not important why I left Canada, if people really want to know they will hear it in my lyrics. I don't know, It wasn't my conscious decision to find myself in Norway, I didn't even know where Norway was. Long story short, I saw an opportunity and I took it after I finished high school. 

When did you start with music, and what triggered you to start?
I started recording music semi-professionally a year and a half ago. Recording in a studio me and some friends built in Oslo, I had to wait my turn and share time in the studio with older and greedier rappers. Feeling like I wasn't getting the creative space I deserved, I decided to branch off and find something new. Things really started moving for me once I started working with Filip 'Fiix' Bjerkem (Artist, Engineer & CEO of Eyez Low Records) who really helped me realize my potential and still plays a big part in my career today.

How would you describe your music?
I would call it Hiphop/Rap with hints of Soul, Jazz and Blues. My music is made for people who look for more out of music than just violent and drugged out rap, but can still get the life lessons and messages that come with my brand of good music. I don't discriminate on that type of rap though, because it varies with the environment and lifestyle for the artist.  

What can we expect from you in the near future?
In the near future I'll be dropping a lot more music. I'm dropping my first EP album early next year on all streaming platforms independently. My career is still young but I'm confident in myself and in the steps that I've taken so far. Music videos and shows are what people can also look forward to and just hearing more of my first name through the grapevines. Overall, I'm going to take my talents to the next level and keep growing as an artist. 

What would be your dream when it comes to music?
I plan to start producing more in the future and my dream would be to work with some of the legends, or better yet, have the legends want to work with me. I want to live off of my music and a dream of mine is to buy my mom a house with money from what I love doing.  

What have your highlights been so far?
I've had some real good highlights in this short amount of time. Red Bull deciding to take me in as a one of their Sound Select Artists has definitely been a highlight for me. I've made a lot of good connections through them and I continue to work closely with the RBSS team. Dropping my first single The Outlet in November of 2016 was another defining moment for me. Free-styling on the National Rap Show in Norway on NRK P3 was fun, and dropping my newest single, Fish Love, with a young and up-and-coming producer/artist, Kiplemore, also meant a lot to me. This is a single that is a bit outside of the music we're both used to making but has been recognized for its vibes, making waves and was recently on the Laid Back Beats playlist on Spotify. Everyday is a highlight, you know.


Instagram: @aligo.wav

SoundCloud: AligoB